Albemarle County, VA

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UNSETTLING GROUNDS is an augmented reality journey through the maze of time, everyday monuments, and towns of Albemarle County in search of hidden histories, stories of escape, and shadows of resistance. Guided by long-time resident Sally Hemings, audiences will explore the county’s important sites. Sally is in search of her final resting place, but she needs to find certain tools along the way that will enable her to complete the journey. These locations will be subtly marked by augmented reality technology that will contain certain clues to the location of her grave. Yet, it isn’t quite that simple; along the way, Sally and the audience will be confronted with serious obstacles and choices that could hold the key to Sally’s ‘door of no return’. Unsettling Grounds serves as a reminder of the finite nature of life, the long path to freedom, the meandering journey home, and the value of exploration with an eye toward unsettling myths, beliefs, and the neat distance between the audience and a past that has not yet passed.